Death Of A Lesser Man


ISBN: 978-0-9865376-2-2

Late on a rainy night in 1947, gunshots shatter the stillness of an upscale neighbourhood in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Harrison Rose, a businessman and Great War veteran, lies dead in Bannerman Park. Through the rain-drenched streets of post-war St. John’s, Inspector Eric Stride follows a winding path through a tapestry of St. John’s scenes and memorable characters: a lady of the evening who appears on his doorstep, a hard-scrabble labourer who shovels coal for a living, a prosperous businessman with a secret. Along the way Stride finds treachery and betrayal, but also the enduring bonds of comradeship forged in the trenches of the Western Front. He also runs into opposition from inside the halls of Government House, where British officials attempt to stymie his investigation. When Stride finally unravels the mystery of Rose’s murder, he is compelled to confront his own sense of justice in a world where violence too often has become a way of life.

Death Of A Lesser Man is the third novel in the Inspector Stride Mystery series. It was released on May 15, 2011.